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Coconut Palm Leaf Straws 50pcs


Introducing the Coconut Palm Leaf Drinking Straws (50 Count)

This are 100% organic biodegradable single-use drinking straws made out of dried leaves that have fallen to the ground naturally. They do not contain any chemicals that can enter the body of the end-user. They are an excellent alternative to plastic straws which cause so much harm to our animals and environment. No artificial wax or coating through. Each straw has a natural inbuild wax. These straws can be used in cold and hot beverages and can be immersed in liquid for hours. With a 6 month shelf life, they will be long lasting.

The making of this straws help the rural economy in coconut-growing South Asian countries. Every purchase helps provide sustainable work and business to women's self-help groups, small farmers, and the micro-entrepreneurs, thus greatly benefiting India's rural poor.