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Bamboo Face Pads and Cleaning Sponge Set.

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Reusable Washable Bamboo Face Pads and Microfiber Sponge set. This pads are made from bamboo fiver, naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, and feature a terry cloth-like texture that's both soft and slightly exfoliating.

Cleaning sponge is made of microfiber providing a great skin and pore cleansing that leaves a great clean feeling. These can easily be hand washed with your favorite face wash and hang to dry. Don't feel like handwashing? no problem, place in bag provided and let the washer machine do it's magic.

Reusable face pads are a great way to help sustain our planet. Eliminate one time use and disposable pads. 

Set consists of 12 face pads and 2 cleaning microfiber puffs as well as a laundry/storage bag. Puffs are 12 cm in diameter and Rounds are 4cm in diameter. All pads can be launder or hand wash.